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Business Analysis

Getting things done...

In today's fast paced business world, wasted time means wasted dollars.   In business as in life, when things are "working" we often decide let them keep going as they are, even when we know there are problems.  Unfortunately, many times those problems are larger than we expect.  Like an iceburg, the small surface issues can hide larger underlying problems which are likely costing you money today and may cost you business tomorrow.

... vs. done well

Like any complex system, your business processes need to be tuned and updated to stay competitive in an ever changing world.  Your customers expect a quality product for a decent price and in today's world, that means running effeciently.

Requirements Gathering

Are you documenting your needs?

Gathering requirements (along with proper testing) is one of the most overlooked and shortchanged aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle.  Yet it is also one of the most critical to providing software which meets the needs for which it was developed.

The reason it is so often short-changed is because people naturally assume others are applying the same context when listening as the speaker does when speaking.  Additionally people assume others heard and remember the same key points from the same discussion.  Therefore documenting requirements seems like a waste of time.  Unfortunately, neither assumption is the norm.

Having someone trained in indentifying and providing the right level of documentation for your organizational needs is critical to the success of your development goals.

Are you asking the right questions?

Just because you document what was said, still doesn't guarantee you have a good set of requirements.  As was mentioned previously, personal contexts can differ when understanding information.  What does a business user mean when they ask for a particular feature?  What does the technical resource think of when they hear what the business user is asking?  What requirements are essential and which are simply the best way a business user has for describing a more fundamental need?

Having a resource who can assist you in asking the right questions and eliciting the necessary answers can make the difference between a smooth and clean development cycle and one which is peppered by misunderstandings, rework and frustration.

Let us help you do it right

Webangelo has the expertise and experience to help you analyze your business processes, identify problems and help you fix them.  Whether you are looking for someone to help you pinpoint the best way to automate some of your business process or someone to guide the requirements gathering process for something you already know you want to do, Whether your process is traditional, Agile or unique, Webangelo is the partner you need.

Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
— Albert Einstein