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Where to start

Although the basics of SharePoint can be fairly intuitive, it is easy to either miss something which can really help or to be overwhelmed by the number of possibilities.  Out of the box SharePoint comes with a number of a number of pre-designed collaboration site types built on a core of shared functionality.  The key is to understand enough of what is going on behind the scenes so that you can make intelligent choices about how to use SharePoint best in your environment.

Effective Introduction

Let me help your team go through the basics and get a firm foundation.  SharePoint really is easy to use effectively once you understand what is going on.  In a typical scenario there are two types of end users, the site administrators and the day-to-day users.  Since those needs are different, I offer to levels of classes:

SharePoint Content Management

This is the perfect class for your general office user.  I go over the basics of working with SharePoint, including managing lists, document libraries and other site content.  For offices which use Microsoft Office, I include fundamentals of integrating your Office tools with SharePoint.

SharePoint Site Fundamentals

Although the title says fundamentals, this is meant for the personel who will be going behind the scenes a little bit to set up the sites your team will need.  This class looks at SharePoint from a building block perspective to get a feeling for how to use the various tools and capabilities to make the best use of the SharePoint toolset for your business needs.

Custom Training

Need more?  I'll work to understand both your goals, as well as the needs and capabilities of your staff.  I can then provide some custom training to really get your business humming.

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